Build & Join the Jackalope Society in FrontierVille – New Quests, Badges, & More! [UPDATE]

Fri, Sep 24, 2010

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Never offering a dull moment, Zynga has updated FrontierVille with a new series of quests and a new building in the form of the Jackalope Society. The Jackalope Society is a “force for progress and innovation.” You have been given an invitation into their exclusive club, but first, you’ll have to pass a few initiation tests, and of course, build a local chapter Lodge. Once you do, you’ll have access to a series of special badges that honor your achievements as a proud member of the Jackalope Society!

The mission set starts with Part 1: Jackalope Society Initiation. This first quest is fairly simple, asking you to harvest five corn, sell five adult chickens, and buy one BBQ Grill in the Market. The hardest part of this quest will be waiting the 12 hours it takes to harvest the five corn in the first place. The prize for this first quest is 50 experience points and 150 food, and you’ll be able to share some bonus food with your neighbors.

Part 2 of the Jackalope Society quest set is “Invite Friends to the Jackalope Society.” This part of the quests asks you to collect 10 Jackalope RSVPs and visit two friends’ homesteads. The Jackalope RSVPs come by way of asking your friends via a news posting on your wall. Note: If you are having trouble asking friends in this mission, with the news post never appearing, Zynga asks that you refresh the game, and this should resolve the issue. Like with other posts of this type, friends that click on this link to send you an RSVP will receive one for themselves. Unfortunately, it seems as though only three friends can help you each time you post a request to your wall.

[UPDATE] The prize for completing the second mission is 60 experience points and 750 coins. You’ll be able to share some experience points with friends as a bonus on your wall.

The third mission in the series is “Learning the Secret Handshake,” which is where the actual Jackalope Lodge building comes into play. You must wait until you finish Part 2 of the quests in order to build the Jackalope Lodge normally, or you can purchase the “Early Unlock” key for the building for 10 Horseshoes. This part of the quest will also ask you earn 10 Secret Handshakes, which are collected via individual gift requests sent to friends.

[UPDATE] The base for the Jackalope Lodge can be purchased for 1000 coins and 10 pieces of wood (that is all you’ll need to do to pass the third mission). You’ll need to whack the base nine times, with each whack costing ten pieces of wood, for a total of 90 wood. Once the frame is built, you’ll need to collect five each of Shingles, Mallets, Pegs, Cement, and Windows, and 15 of a new ingredient, the Level.

You can click on the “Ask for More” button under each ingredient to post a news item to your wall asking for that ingredient, or you can simply purchase each ingredient for 2 Horseshoes each.

Finally, the fourth mission in the series is called simply “The Jackalope Lodge,” and it requires you to finish the construction on the lodge building, and buy four goats in the market.

Once you finish the construction on the Jackalope Lodge, you will apparently be able to use it for earning badges, with dozens of badges already being programmed into the game, according to the FrontierVille Wiki. These badges will be able to be viewed from within the new “Badges” section of the “My Stuff” backpack, right next to Missions.

For more confirmed information, we do know that a new collection is available for the Jackalope Lodge. The items can be earned by whacking the building’s base during construction and collecting the Daily Bonus from the finished Jackalope Lodge building. The prize for completing the collection is 2 Goats.

We’ll be sure to update this page with more images and information about the third and fourth quests in this series as it becomes available, but in the meantime, head over to FrontierVille on Facebook to start the Jackalope Society quest set for yourself!

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