Build FarmVille’s French Maison With a Little Help From Friends

Sat, Mar 13, 2010

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FarmVille has seen a slew of updates this weekend, most notably the introduction of a new “community build” item in the form of a French Maison. Building the French Maison works in the same way as building the horse stable; you’ll need 10 each of five different ingredients in order to build it.

In order to build the Maison to begin with, you’ll need to shell out 5,000 coins on the buildings tab of the marketplace to buy its shell. The game makes a point of noting out that the item is decorative, and therefore a much more voluntary process than the Horse Stable, in that you really get nothing out of this in the end, other than a pretty new building. Conversely, if you are lacking in FarmVille neighbors, or simply don’t want to take the time to accumulate ingredients, you can buy a completed Maison outright for 50 Farm Cash (and receive 1200 experience points in return).

The ingredients come in the form of Slate Tiles, Paned Windows, Aged Bricks, Weathered Boards, and Clinging Vines, and they are available either as free gifts, or via purchase in the game’s marketplace, with 1 Farm Cash netting you one ingredient (to be clear, that’s just one of the overall 50 items).

Users can either initiate the gift giving process by going to the game’s Free Gifts page and sending out ingredients. Each user only has access to two of the five ingredients; for example, I can send out Aged Bricks and Paned Windows. As usual, friends can then send a gift back to you in return.

However, if you’d rather not rely on them doing so, you can always offer a more than subtle hint that you are looking for ingredients by entering into the Maison’s progress window, which will allow you to “Ask for More” of any one particular ingredient. This brings up a wall post that notifies your friends that you’re building the Maison and are in need of some ingredients, which they can conveniently send to you by clicking on the appropriate link.

Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments – are you going to take the time to build one, or will you skip it?

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  • jabb03

    As an avid “farmer” on farm games…I am kinda sucked into this “build-it-yourself” ploy by the creators of games to get you interested and occupied in the game, haha, but after having done the horsestable and having gone thru the frustration of waiting for the last few items to be sent, while seeing others having had their horsestable up and running…not sure how long my interest will last for another one. It gets old after a while esp if I am not one to pay actual money for play items on games. :-))

    P/s How about an article on tricks to get items for building for free…and w/out having tons of neighbors? LOL…

  • Kate Hancock

    Totally agree! I've been building ma maison for a few days now and it's not
    going very quickly so far… same with the stable. Good luck with yours!
    We'll do some tips and tricks on FarmVille soon – stay tuned :D

  • Lydia Kaskowski

    When I came in on FarmVille game I have bought the maison, then because I had not enough neighbors I did not get enough construction material and did not know yet how it worked. Now I have an empty structure sitting there, the same happened with the botanical garden, I got neighbors but not everyone sends things, the same, have an empty botanical structure sitting on my farm. Is there a way that we can finish, I have only 1 FV, so I can't even buy it. Thank you for your help. My email is: or Lydia Kaskowski on FaceBook