Build A Treehouse in PetVille’s Fairy Meadows

Mon, Jul 19, 2010

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Just as the land of Tahiki in PetVille allowed us to build a hut, which serves as an extra room to decorate in the game, the new land of Fairy Meadows also contains such a place. In this case, however, we take a trip from tropical beachfront real estate to space in the forest, as we are now allowed to build a Treehouse in the game.

For those familiar with the setup surrounding the Tahiki Hut build, or even for new PetVille players who may play FarmVille and are familiar with building the Horse Stable (as but one example), the process of building the Tree House is incredibly similar. You’ll need to collect 50 items in total to build the Treehouse, with these 50 items coming in the form of five different ingredients – 25 Acorns, 10 Petals, 5 tubs of Magic Paint, 5 Magic Nails and 5 Magic Hammers.

Unlike the Tahiki Hut, which offered all five items as gifts that could be sent and received via free gifts page requests, this building is different. Hammers, paint and nails can be sent in the same way, but Acorns and Petals can only be found while playing the game (either in your own Fairy Meadows or in those of your friends’) or purchased, for two Pet Cash each. These randomly placed Acorns and Petals are limited in number, but they re-spawn each day you play the game.

The nails, paint and hammers can also be purchased for 2 Pet Cash each, should you not think that your neighbors will be helpful in your endeavor to build the Treehouse. Remember, the easiest way to go about receiving these three ingredients is to take advantage of the “Ask for More!” button located at the bottom of the Paint, Hammer and Nails icons. This will allow you to send a reverse gift request to a PetVille neighbor, specifically asking for the item of your choice, rather than relying on them to initiate the gift giving.

If you do wish to send those items in the traditional way, keep in mind that every user can only send two of the three ingredients (which two is random), as we can see from my example that I can only send Nails and Paint. If I wanted to receive Hammers in this way, I would need to receive them from someone else entirely – I can’t send them out in the hopes that a friend will return the favor.

With the addition of the new stipulation on Acorns and Petals, the Fairy Meadows Tree House will likely take you a few days to build. That being the case, head over to the game’s page now to get started on the process.

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