Build a Poseidon Relic, Earn Free Energy Points in Treasure Isle

Mon, Aug 23, 2010

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Zynga’s Treasure Isle updated quite a bit over the last few days, seeing the addition of not only a new building project, but also a tweak to the way we earn energy in the game (energy being the almighty power that allows us to keep digging for treasure, the entire name of the game).

Build A Poseidon Relic With Your Friends’ Help

Zynga is really into construction projects in Treasure Isle, as they have released yet another for us to place and build, this time in the form of a Poseidon relic. Like other relics, you’ll be given the base for the Poseidon statue for free the next time you login to the game.

As Poseidon is the ruler of the seas, you can only place the relic’s base in the water off of your Home Island. From there, you’ll see that you are on step one of four for completing the relic. Step one is, as you might have guessed, the easiest, as it requires just five items to complete – one each of five different ingredients (some of which will look familiar from other events – the Dye, Metal and Oil being used for the Tiki Relic, for instance): Aqua Vitae, Dye, Marble, Metal and Oil.

These items can either be purchased for one Island Cash per item (for a total of 5 Island Cash for this step in the process), or you can rely on your friends to send them to you (they’ll receive bonus coins in return), either by simply posting a news item to your wall asking for that particular ingredient, or hoping that they send you an item on their own from the game’s free gifts page.

As of now, three different ingredients will be available on each user’s free gifts page that are marked “Relics.” As there are far more than three items needed for the now multiple Relics we’re building in the game, this means that you’ll need more than one friend to help you to build each level of the Relic (there are four in total); that is, unless you want to take your chance at digging these ingredients up at random as you play the game.

Once you build the Poseidon Relic to completion, you’ll be rewarded, with prizes ranging from volcanic teas, bags of gems or even 25 Island Cash, so get started on that sooner, rather than later, to make sure you receive your prize!

Earn Energy For Helping Friends

While good things apparently come to those who wait, sometimes it can be pretty hard to wait for energy to rebuild to allow us to do more digging for treasures. That being the case, Zynga has graciously offered users a new way to accumulate energy, and it will be incredibly familiar to the FrontierVille players among us.

In addition to being able to help your friends when going to their island, you’ll receive 1 free energy point for visiting their island and helping them out. To be clear, you have to finish the task that asks you to “Help Out” your neighbor, that is, to the point of you receiving coins and experience points for helping them (not necessarily sending them the free gift that helps them clear the island on their own).

While you can’t earn an unlimited amount of energy in this way, you can earn up to 25 energy per day, so be sure to head over to the game’s page to start earning your free energy for doing something you were probably already doing – helping friends.

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