Build a Nursery Barn for Your Calves and Foals in FarmVille

Fri, Apr 16, 2010

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If you’re a fairly active FarmVille player, you’ve likely accumulated more than your fair share of calves and foals from your friends’ posts on your news feed. If you’d stopped adopting these animals because you were tired of them cluttering up your farm, you’ll be happy to know that Zynga has addressed the situation with a new community building project in the form of a Nursery Barn.

The Nursery Barn works as the name suggests – it allows you a place to store both your baby calves and foals.You’ll begin the process by placing the barn’s frame onto your farm. All members have been given one for free, and it can be found in your gift box.

Building it works in the same fashion as the Horse Stable, in that you’ll need to collect 50 individual pieces – ten each of five different item types: Bricks, Wooden Boards, Nails, Bottles, and Blankets.

You can ask your friends to send you any of these ingredients by entering into the Barn’s menu (click on the frame and click “Look Inside”) and clicking on the “Ask for More” button, which brings up the ability to post a news item to your wall asking your friends to send you the item in question, or any ingredient if they so choose.

You can also find ingredients on the game’s free gifts page, as you’ll see two ingredients for the Nursery that are available to send to your friends. As the game’s Horse Stable ingredients are still available, you’ll be able to distinguish between which building they are for by the labels at the bottom of the items’ pictures. For the three ingredients that can be used for both buildings, they are now decorated with basic construction hats.

Finally, if you’d prefer to not wait for your friends to send you ingredients, you can purchase one individual ingredient for 1 Farm Cash via the game’s store.

Head over to your farm to start building your very own Nursery Barn.

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    it allows you a place to store both your baby calves and foals.