Build a Japanese Storage Barn in FarmVille With a Little Help from Friends

Sat, Jun 26, 2010

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A few weeks ago, we were informed that Underground Storage would be coming to FarmVille. While we wait, however, Zynga has released a new storage building to the game, that also happens to fit into the current Japanese theme of items in the game. The Japanese Barn will allow you to hold 20 new items, but it comes with a catch – it can either be purchased outright for 50 Farm Cash, or you can build it in the same way we’ve built other buildings in the game, including the Nursery Barn and Horse Stable, as examples, by collecting ingredients.

As it is, building the Barn yourself will still cost you 5,000 coins to simply purchase the frame. Once you buy it, you can post a news item to your wall, letting your friends know that you are attempting to build the Barn, and in the process ask them to send you ingredients.

To finish the Japanese Barn, you’ll need to collect 50 ingredients – 10 each of 5 different items. The ingredients are the Brick, Nail, Reed Thatch, Bamboo and Wooden Board.

Accumulating these ingredients will be an incredibly familiar process, to those who have taken part in a community building project before. Each user has two of the five ingredients available to send to friends on the game’s free gifts page. You can either use these items to initiate the gift giving procedure in the hopes that your friends will return the favor, or, you can ask for ingredients from your friends directly by clicking on the “Ask for More” button below any of the five ingredients within the Barn’s menu (click on the Barn to access it).

When asking for ingredients, you’re taken to a reverse of the game’s free gifts page, where instead of giving your friends ingredients, you send them gift requests that ask for your friends’ help in sending a particular item your way. If I wanted Reed Thatches, for example, I could click on the Ask for More button, and could send a single part gift request only to those FarmVille users that have the Reed Thatch available to send (the list of available friends will change automatically, depending on the availability of your neighbors’ ingredients).

Conversely, you can also purchase individual ingredients from the game’s store for 1 Farm Cash each. To be especially clear, this is 1 Farm Cash for one of the 50 ingredients, not 1 Farm Cash for all ten of a particular item.

Head over to the game’s page to start building your own Japanese Barn!

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  • thecrow99

    i need 1 bamboo to finish my barn ut there is no more bamboo what do i do will i loose all the other stuff i put into it help me please

  • Jacquelyn

    You will have to pay FV cash.

  • Marina Fanning

    I also need bamboo to finish my barn but there is no way to ask for it or buy it.

  • woodworking project plans

    The Japanese Barn will allow you to hold 20 new items.