Build A Chicken Coop in Happy Pets, Receive A Free Chicken!

Tue, Sep 14, 2010

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Similar to the Dino Den or Horse Stables in Happy Pets, CrowdStar has added a new animal housing structure in the form of a Chicken Coop. No, your game hasn’t suddenly turned into FarmVille – this new Chicken Coop will simply function as the home for the new Chicken pets that have been released in the game. All users can have one, regardless of level, that is, if you are willing to build it first.

The Chicken Coop’s frame can be purchased for 800 coins from the game’s store. Once you place the frame, you’ll be rewarded with 100 experience points, and you’ll be able to post a news item to your wall showing off the coop to your friends.

The Chicken Coop can be moved to any room you’d like, and you’ll be able to start building the frame immediately. You’ll need to collect several items to build the coop: five each of eight different items: Screwdrivers, Screws, Saw Horses, Tape Measures, Hinges, Chicken Wire, Rakes and Saws.

These items can be purchased for 5 Facebook Credits each – that’s 5 Facebook Credits for each individual piece, not the entire thing, or you can ask your friends to give you the items that you need by clicking on the “Wish” button underneath a particular ingredient and posting the subsequent news item to your wall so that your friends will know to send you one.

Your friends can also initiate the gift giving by heading to their free gifts page, where they’ll find three of the eight items available to send to their friends. If you’d rather skip these processes entirely, you can purchase the coop from the start for 160 Facebook Credits, or the equivalent of $16.00 US.

Once you finish the Chicken Coop, you’ll be rewarded with a free Orange Chicken. This will also unlock the ability for you to purchase the other chickens available in the game’s store, with eight chickens currently being available.

These chickens come in a wide variety of basic colors: Brown, Cerulean, Red, Purple, Pink, Black, White and Yellow. The White, Yellow, Brown and Cerulean chickens are available for coins, ranging from 31,795 to 37,795 coins each, while the other four colors go for Facebook Credits, ranging from 50-56 Facebook Credits each (the equivalent of $5.00 – $5.60 US).

Regardless of the chicken you choose, the chick you purchase will grow into an adult chicken in three days time, that is, if you feed it regularly, at a rate of every eight hours. Luckily, none of these chickens are limited edition, so feel free to take your time in building the chicken coop, or in saving up the necessary funds to purchase the chicken(s) of your choosing.

Head over to the game’s page to get started on building your own Chicken Coop today!

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