Build a Botanical Garden in FarmVille With a Little Help from Friends

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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A new community-build project has been added to FarmVille this week, in the form of a Botanical Garden, which we’ll be able to use in the future to decorate our farms. Assuming that most people have already completed their Nursery Barn, Zynga has released the Garden, in theory, in order for us to have another item to steadily work towards with the help of our friends. For those who have been with us for a while, this process will seem incredibly familiar, but if you’re new to the game, or have never tried a community-building project in the game before, here’s the rundown of what to expect.

The next time you login to FarmVille, you’ll receive a pop-up alerting you to the new feature, but unlike events like the Nursery Barn or even the Easter Egg Basket (as examples), you’ll have to purchase the frame for the Botanical Garden yourself, just as you did the La Maison.

The Botanical Garden frame costs 5,000 coins. Conversely, if you’d rather skip the following steps and simply begin enjoying your new garden, you can purchase a completed one outright for 50 Farm Cash.

Once you place the frame on your farm (keep in mind that the frame itself is downright massive – much larger than any other community-building project previously released in the game – see image below for scale), you’ll learn that it takes 50 items to build – ten each of five different ingredients: Irrigation Pipe, Green Beam, Glass Sheet, White Trellis, and Floral Bracket.

You can purchase these ingredients for 1 Farm Cash each via the game’s store, or you can receive them for free as gifts from your friends.

The latter option is accomplished in a variety of ways. First, by clicking on your Garden, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress on the build, and can click on the “Ask for More” button below any particular ingredient to be sent to a modification of the free gifts menu, allowing you to choose which individual friends you’d like to send a request for that item to.

In a first for these types of buildings, you can choose to ask for a 3x bundle of the item, or a single item; however, in choosing the 3x bundle option, you’ll notice that your list of friends changes to contain those users who don’t have FarmVille installed – thus giving you the bonus of 3x more parts if you can convince them to add the game in order to help you out.

Furthermore, even when choosing the single item option, the list still won’t contain your full list of FarmVille friends, rather, it contains a much smaller list of people, based on which two ingredients that particular user has access to send.

Just like in previous building projects, each user has but two of the five ingredients on their Free Gifts page, available to send to their neighbors. In this new setup, it seems to be easier to complete the building, as you’ll be able to discover just who to ask based on which parts you need, and you can even go so far as to contact them outside of the game if you don’t think they saw your request (just be careful not to bug them!).

Regardless of which two items you have available to send, you can still pull the trick of sending the same gift that you’ve received back to your friends, allowing you to really send all five ingredients, just so long as your friend sends you the other three first. That is, as you can see above, I have access to send a White Trellis or a Glass Sheet to my friends. However, if someone sends me a Floral Bracket, Irrigation Pipe or Green Beam, I can instantly send that item back to them via the gifts acceptance screen.

Does all of this sound like fun to you? If so, head over to your farm and start building your own Botanical Garden!

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