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Wed, May 5, 2010

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One of the best things about Android and the concepts surrounding it is that you have choice. What this means is that you can find apps that can replace stock apps on the phone that will either offer a different or better function than the stock version. bTunes fixes a lot of the complaints many have with the stock Android music app and for the small price of $1.49, I recommend it for any Android user that enjoys music on their phone.

Now, looking at the app, you may think it looks a lot like the iPod Touch/iPhone music player, and this is true. However, if you’re going to imitate a look and feel of an app, you may as well go after the industry leader.

The app features a robust music organization design in which you can sort by album, artist, song, genre, or playlist. Personally, I use DoubleTwist to make my Android playlists and bTunes supports them right out of the box. When playing the music, bTunes displays a progress bar, time left and album art. The album art that displays is pulled directly from the internet so there’s no need to go around hunting for that album cover before transferring the songs over.

Other neat features of bTunes include Voice commands, Lockscreen controls (very nice), Bluetooth controls and bookmarking. It really is the one music app you’ll ever need for your Android phone. After using bTunes for a few months now, it has become very difficult to use the default music app.

bTunes is currently available on the Android Market for $1.49.

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  • Chase

    Im anal about album artwork. Can I disable the album artwork being downloaded? And am I able to view for instance, I have an album.. and on the Android app, it shows just one cover for all songs in that album. However, some singles in that album have the appropriate singles cover, but doesnt show up because of that first single. Does this app allow me to view that cover instead of the artwork tagged from the first song in the album?

  • Talor Berthelson

    You should be able to do all of those things you asked about :)

  • Alex

    Does browsing by artist respect the “album artist” id3 tag before the “contributing artist” or “artist” (as it is often shortened to) when it is present? I really need to find an app that does… I can hardly believe that the stock android player doesn't do this, or that others haven't yet cottoned on. The iPhone (which I hate) does this, as does media player and most pc based music players.