Brightcove Fixes iPad’s Big Flash Problem

Mon, Mar 29, 2010

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As many have blasted Apple for not allowing Flash on the iPad, something like Brightcove was bound to happen. Flash is still a huge majority of online video content on the web, so it’s understandably a huge omission in many people’s eyes.

Brightcove’s technology works very simply: If it detects you are looking at the web page on the iPad, it will show an HTML5 player instead of a Flash player allowing you to view the content immediately. On the iPhone, videos will pop-up in the built-in Quicktime player.

The CEO of Brightcove seems to be supportive of HTML5, stating: “HTML5 is great, it is an open standard, and firmly entrenched in the Apple device platform. Flash can’t reach those platforms for political and business reasons.” Which is true in its entirety. The politics between Adobe and Apple only harms consumers and it seems Brightcove is trying to help that situation.

Of course the full implementation of Brightcove with flash won’t happen for a while, Brightcove will work in a basic form right off the bat.

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