Breakout: Boost Sends Valentines to Players, Players Smash Them

You guys are just plain cruel, you know that? I thought it was a very nice gesture from TriplePoint client Atari to offer a new Valentine’s Day level pack to players of Breakout: Boost, and for only 99 cents at that. Here they are, pouring their hearts out to you in level form, doing stuff like spelling out “Be Mine” or giving you a bundle of roses in brick form, and what do you do? You bust them apart, piece by piece, right in front of them. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way about them, but you don’t have to smash their Valentines to bits. Let them down easy, you guys.

I mean, just look at this heartfelt press release:

The pack celebrates Valentine’s Day with 50 new, romantic levels and brick layouts displaying candy heart sayings and cute pictures. Also included is a Cupid’s Arrow power up which helps break those romantic bricks to pieces more quickly. Lastly, players can show their love for the new levels by competing for leaderboard placement and earning new achievements for completion.

That is poetry. I can’t believe you’d be so cold-hearted, especially when they’re even letting you download the game for free, right here.

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