Atari’s Breakout Boost Gets Even Boostier

Atari, legendary game company and TriplePoint client, decided to give a little boost to one of their breakout titles, Breakout: Boost. A free-to-play iOS take on an enduring classic, Breakout: Boost came out a little while ago and put a few new spins on the original brick-hating gameplay. But that clearly wasn’t enough, because now there’s an almost-free-to-play version out, with a hundred new levels for less than a penny each. For 99 cents, Atari will give you these new levels, along with a variety of bricks to break, and balls to break bricks by. How can one signify a boost to an already-boosted title? By naming the new release Breakout: Boost+. Problem solved!

Allow me to break out the original press release:

Atari, one of the world’s most recognized publishers and developers of interactive entertainment, today announced the App Store release of Breakout®: Boost+, a new version of its popular brick-breaking game Breakout®: Boost for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Available for $0.99, Breakout: Boost+ features one hundred brand-new levels with all the challenging and frenetic brick-breaking action of the original iOS hit that achieved over two million downloads in the first month after launch.

Two million downloads. I guess you could call it an outbreak of — all right, you get it, don’t you?

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