BREAKING NEWS: Zynga Launches Treasure Isle on Facebook

Thu, Apr 1, 2010

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Attention all potential treasure hunters! Zynga has launched a brand spanking new Facebook game called Treasure Isle and it’s now live for you to dive head first into!

To get the obvious comparison out of the way, the game does share some similarities with Treasure Madness, but the game has been “Zynga-fied” in such a way as to provide for a new gameplay experience.

On the game’s fan page, Zynga described Treasure Isle as allowing you to “become the most famous treasure hunter in the world! In Treasure Isle, you dig for rare and valuable treasure with your friends. Earn money, explore strange places, and decorate your very own island as you explore the world of Treasure Isle!”

We at Frisky Mongoose jumped straight into the game, and can give you a better rundown of what to expect. To start, you’ll choose whether your avatar should be male or female and will then launch straight into your first task of collecting the lost Crown Jewels.

The game has you digging for treasure one square at a time. You’ll lose some of your energy as you dig, with energy automatically replenishing over time (you can also find fruits that will have the same effect, or purchase energy refills for the game’s premium currency).

As you go through the game’s opening stage, you’ll find items like earrings and bracelets inside treasure chests. When you dig up a treasure chest, you’ll also receive a boost of experience points that go towards your overall level. If you don’t find treasure, you still have a chance of finding a pile of coins, and if that’s the case, you’ll still earn experience points, just at a much lower rate. Lastly, there’s the chance of finding nothing buried in the sand at all, which gives you a single experience point for you going to the trouble of digging.

Additionally, you’ll also randomly come across Mystery Chests that you’ll require a Blacksmith to open. This functions as the game’s introduction to email signups, as you can ask one to open the chest and have the Blacksmith “email you” when it is.

When you finish your first collection (and those thereafter), you’ll turn in the complete set and will be rewarded with experience points and gold. An experience point bonus also awaits you should you complete an entire island by digging or otherwise searching through every square therein.

As you gain enough experience points to level up, you’ll unlock access to new items, like machetes, dynamite and so on – items that will help you further explore subsequent islands, which also unlock as you level up.

If you have some generous neighbors, you can add treasures to your in-game wish list in the hopes that your friends have an item to spare, and, as usual, you can send your friends free gifts in the form of fruit, gems (used to unblock locked sections of islands – can also be found randomly while playing the game), and island decorations, among others.

One of the biggest differences between Treasure Isle and Treasure Madness (if we’re comparing) is that in Treasure Isle, you’ll have a “Home Island” which can be customized with buildings and decorations (again, further items are unlocked as you level up).

To jump into Treasure Isle and see everything that the game has to offer, head over to the game’s page on Facebook!

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