BREAKING NEWS: FarmVille Nursery Barn Now Features “Grow Up” Events

Fri, May 28, 2010

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Just minutes ago, Zynga announced that the FarmVille Nursery Barn will now allow for young foals and calves to grow into adult animals!

This seems to be random, as Zynga says that when you Tend Your Nursery (as it’s now called), you’ll “have a chance for one of your animals to grow into an all new adult animal!”

I was lucky enough to receive a free animal on my first try, as I was informed via pop-up that one of my Grey Foals had grown into an adult Black Horse.

To celebrate the discovery of your own animals, you can publish the news to your feed, allowing friends to click on a link and receive a baby version of the animal that you found – in my example above, by posting that I have received a Black Horse, my friends can receive a free Black Foal.

This unfortunately does mean that you lose one of the (up to) 20 baby animals you have in your Nursery Barn, but as your friends’ animals grow, and they subsequently post them to their wall, you’ll (in theory) have more opportunities to add new baby animals to your Nursery Barn, thus beginning the cycle all over again.

As of now, it doesn’t appear that there’s any way to stop an animal growth from happening, so if you’d rather keep your baby animals as they are, you’ll need to remove them from the Nursery Barn and harvest from them manually, one at a time, as you did before building the Nursery.

What do you think of this new feature? Would you rather keep your baby animals, or do you appreciate the chance at receiving new adult animals in the game?

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  • kieran

    it doesnt work for me, it just says the nursery barn is busy then nothin else happens, today was my second attempt, plz can someone help me out

  • Pat Coles

    Doesnt work here either I wish they would stop random stuff its really a piss off

  • Ab Irina

    it will eventually work. My first and second time was a winner, but than, the next few days nothing. So be patience 'cuz it will work for you too, just that is random (pisses me too)

  • Beajaess

    I have way too many calves and this is really gonna help with hat :)