BREAKING: Build A Super Combine in FarmVille – Harvest, Plow, and Plant in One Click!

Wed, Sep 29, 2010

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In the official FarmVille podcast from the second week of September, we were given a small teaser letting us know that something called a Super Combine would be coming to the game in the future. Very few details were known about the item then, but now the Super Combine has launched to the world, and we have all of the details you need on how to make this three-in-one vehicle your very own.

For starters, if you are level 31 or above, when you first login to FarmVille, you’ll likely receive an introductory pop-up, letting you know that the Super Combine is now available in the game. Clicking on the button will take you to the game’s market, where you’ll have to purchase the Combine Chassis (unfortunately, you are not given one for free). You’ll have two options for purchasing the Combine. You can either spend 110 Farm Cash on a finished Hot Rod Combine (matching the Hot Rod vehicles released previously – in association with Mafia Wars), or you can pay 500,000 coins for the Combine Chassis, a plain, gray chassis that rewards you with 2,500 experience points when purchased.

Once you place this item on your farm, you’ll be prompted to post a news item to your wall sharing the news with your friends, asking them to send you a vehicle part.

The Super Combine Chassis requires 40 vehicle parts to put together, but starts with one free part inside, leaving you to find the other 39. However, you won’t have to put the Chassis into your garage before you can work on it. Simply place it somewhere on your land and use the Vehicle Parts you have directly from your inventory to see them added to the Chassis. After every five parts, you’ll be prompted to post some free parts for your friends to claim on your wall, as a celebration of your progress.

Once you reach the halfway point, your Combine Chassis will change in appearance and you’ll once again be prompted to share some free vehicle parts.

As for earning more parts, you can do so in multiple ways. You can either be on the lookout for posts from your friends like the ones above, giving away free vehicle parts, or you can wait for your friends to voluntarily send you a vehicle part from the game’s free gifts page.

The final way, however, is the most productive. Even if you’ve finished your three original vehicles (the Tractor, Seeder, and Harvester) in terms of upgrades, the link to “Ask for Parts” within the garage itself is still very much active. Clicking on this will allow you to send a reverse gift request to your friends asking them specifically to send you a vehicle part. Just make sure to send these requests to active neighbors who won’t mind, rather than everyone on your list.

When all is said and done, and you have finished your shiny new Super Combine, you’ll be able to use the vehicle to automatically harvest, plow, and plant seeds in one single click. The finished Super Combine has a very small work area, however. You can place this level 1 Combine into your garage and can then upgrade it to have a higher working area. The upgrade to level 2, for instance, costs six parts and brings the total working are to 3×2 squares at a time.

With so much to do concerning this new Super Combine, you don’t want to get left behind. What are you waiting for? Head over to FarmVille to begin building this awesome new vehicle now!

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