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Tue, Jul 2, 2013

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Poker, poker, poker, Scrabble, and probably more poker — those are the games one instantly thinks of when they imagine real-time social games on Facebook. Sure, there have been some high-end exceptional real-time games on the network, but in terms of casual sit-down-and-play titles, poker is generally in the cards. (It was too easy and I make no apologies.) Well, developer and publisher P-Kama has laid out a fine alternative for the mathematically inclined – Dominoes World, an instantly accessible free-to-play dominoes title. Also known as ‘Muggins,’ which is a much more fun title to say, Five-Up Dominoes is the kind where you score points every time the endpoints make a multiple of five, and Dominoes World scores style points of its own with easy matchmaking, a jazzy soundtrack, and clever animation.

From the press release:

P-Kama created a game platform for Dominoes’ fans to feel as close and comfortable as they possibly can, using the latest technology, all newest creative tools and viral features available today. Dominoes World is a beautifully-presented game, with excellent graphics that being presented in a few different designed game rooms the players can choose from. There are regular game rooms and several themed rooms which differ by payouts and skill levels and if that is not enough, the player can even set up and create a personal designed room.

“Our vision is to create and develop an online cross platform that will allow each of our players to locate their friends in any room within any of our multiplayer games, at any given time” said Noam Ophir, CEO of P-Kama

As a social game in Facebook, Dominoes World uses its platform to give its players the opportunity of meeting new people and making new friends. The players can chat and send gifts to other players, can invite specific friends to their own game rooms and can even create a “game event” and invite other friends to play in their room, at a designated time. The game is in a constant process of improvement and development and new features are planned to come.

You keep setting up the games, P-Kama, and we’ll keep knocking them down. Give it a shot here.

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