Bolt Creative Adds Creative Bolts to Pocket God

Thu, Feb 10, 2011

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Like electrical storms? Hate Pygmies? Today is your lucky day! The newest Pocket God: Journey to Uranus episode is here, and — no shock here — the update adds a wealth of new sadistic options for all your mini-murder needs.

Pocket God veterans will already be familiar with the effects of lightning on Pygmies, but for players of the new iPad-enhanced version, TriplePoint client Bolt Creative has changed the rules a bit. In episode 2, “Electric Booga Loo,” your iPad’s hapless inhabitants will learn that, on distant planets, energized atmospheric discharge are the least of their worries. At least Earth Pygmies never had to worry about toxic clouds and dragon attacks. Like all of Pocket God’s updates, these new acts of cruelty will only cost you your own decency and moral high ground, not your money.

Of course, I’m hardly one to point electrified fingers. “No shock here?” I should be ashamed.

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