Bloom Box: Free Flowers by Shooting Flowers at Flowers

Tue, May 21, 2013

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There’s a common theme running through Bloom Box, the upcoming iOS puzzler from TriplePoint client Nexx Studio, but I just can’t seem to put my green thumb on it. Bloom Box tasks players with placing the titular bloom boxes into a field of flowers in such a way that, when triggered, they will fire projectiles (made of flowers) in order to free their targets (which are flowers). Something about all of those elements seems to be similar, but what is it… something horticultural, it’s… BOXES! Of course, it’s a game about boxes; that’s it.

I kid. The appropriately spring-themed game blossoms forth in a week, and will go on sale for a mere 99c. From the press release:

Just in time for spring, Bloom Box is ready to let the flowers bloom across many colorful fields. Players are challenged with placing different types of blocks strategically on the field, without the constraints of a timer. Once lined up, lighting the fuse makes each block shoot flower projectiles in different directions to free flowers and collect stars along the way. Activating chain reactions by lining up boxes in each other’s line of fire, while taking into account different types of boxes, is the key to collecting hard-to-reach stars and advancing to the next level. The more stars the player collects, the more gardens and levels they will unlock.

We’ll be sure to check out Bloox Box when it launches on May 29th, assuming our allergies cooperate.

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