Blood Bowl Previously Not Chaotic Enough

Fri, May 4, 2012

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You never hear as much as you ought to about who’s going to this year’s Blood Bowl. Honestly, if people are going to get so hyped about teams who have only made it to the “Tostitos Fiesta Bowl” or the “Glade Plug-ins Fresh Fragrance Bowl” or whatever is out there now, you’d think the Blood Bowl would get folks really fired up. Well, TriplePoint client Focus Home Interactive have the solution, and will be adding new teams, new stadiums, and a World Championship Mode to the ultra-violent sport. The new edition will be called Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, and is due out in September. If you start now, the life insurance paperwork should be just about finished by then.

From the press release:

In Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, 3 new races are making their triumphant arrival on the field, making a total of 23 playable races! The malevolent and much-anticipated Chaos Dwarves finally make their entrance, while the outcasts of the Underworld teams surface for the first time to participate in the tournament! This is just the beginning of a new season full of touchdowns and blood, as Blood Bowl also welcomes, for the very first time in history, the Daemons of Khorne, hailing all the way from the Chaos realms! The new stadium, recently erected by Amazons and Lizardmen in the very heart of their tropical jungle, is more than ready to welcome all the new teams seeking to win the Blood Bowl!

The full description and a few blood-soaked screenshots are over here.

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