Blast Off! These New Restaurant City Items are “Out of This World!”

Thu, Mar 25, 2010

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As we told you earlier in the week, this week’s item theme in Restaurant City is taking us to the far reaches of outer space, with new “Out of This World” decorations and functional items that are sure to make you and your patrons feel like you’ve stepped right into a science fiction movie.

As for the standard decorations, there are (unfortunately) less items available here than there have been in previous themes, but the items that are available are quite clever and cute all the same. Your guests can sit on Scifi Chairs, dine on SciFi Tables, and look at Alien Statues and a pretty Star Scape Wallpaper while they eat. For flooring, you can have your guests walk on Moon Sand and Craters, or even walk through a Black Hole Door just to get into the restaurant.

There are a few stationary decorations available as well, which come in the form of a Meteor, Signal Projector, Slime Container, and a Mobius Strip Sculpture. For this half of the theme’s items, the prices range from 25 coins for a single piece of Moon Sand flooring to 20,000 for the Mobius Strip Sculpture.

Where the theme really becomes interesting however is in its large set of functional and/or Playfish Cash-only items. There’s a Floating Planet for 4 Playfish Cash, two different colors of Hover Loos (toilets that work 50% faster, and last 5x longer without breaking), an Alien Statue that turns garbage into green goo, an Alien Monolith that puts alien masks on your customers, a Hypnotic Artifact that makes your impatient customers wait “a second longer” before leaving, an Alien Purple Pet that will hang out in your restaurant, a Scifi Drink Dispenser that serves drinks 10% faster than the standard dispenser, a Ray Gun Stove that cooks 25% faster and a UFO Grill that cooks 8% faster.

The UFO Grill is the only item in this part of the set that goes for coins, costing 50,000 coins each. The other items range from 4 Playfish Cash for the Floating Planet to 30 Playfish Cash for the Ray Gun Stove.

One other thing worth mentioning is that many of the game’s already available items like the Space Door, Metal Deck Flooring, and Glow Tubes are now on sale in the store, as they would fit nicely with this new theme.

Rocket over to the game’s store to add some extraterrestrial flair to your Restaurant today!

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