Birdland Offers a New Take on the Aquarium Game Genre on Facebook

Mon, Apr 26, 2010

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Recently, Inside Social Games took a look at Birdland, a Facebook game that takes the “aquarium” ideology from games like Happy Aquarium and FishVille and replaces the fish with birds.

To start, the title is a fairly basic copy and paste of the aforementioned aquarium formula. You have a large bird cage capable of holding 6 birds to start. Inside it is a treasure chest which can be opened for free coins and the like, and you’ll be able to adopt and raise birds by purchasing them from the game’s store.

You’ll need to make sure your cage’s food dish is full by clicking on it to add feed. Your birds will automatically fly from their perch to the food, taking care of that step, while you’ll also have to keep them happy by playing with them or tickling them, among other actions.

Birds grow to maturity at different rates – your starter bird, the parrot, goes through its first growth stage in 10 minutes – at which point you can sell him/her and move onto the next. As you level, you’ll unlock access to new bird species, along with new functional items for your bird cages, like new food bowls and themed sticks. The sticks serve as perches, which is where your birds will be spending the majority of their time, so the more you have, the more active your birds will be, as they fly back and forth between them.

There are also decorations to purchase, like butterflies, plants and toys, among other objects. These too unlock as you gain levels, with experience points being gained by purchasing items, feeding, playing with and cleaning up after your birds.

As you might expect, the social features here allow you to post lost birds to your wall for friends to adopt, visit their cages and send them free gifts – pretty standard for any simulation game on Facebook.

If this sounds interesting to you, head over to the game’s page to get started with the game.

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