Bird Strike Launches on iPhone

Mon, Jan 11, 2010

Casual, iPhone

I use the term “launch” because Bird Strike, a new iPhone game from PikPok, frequently involves a small avian attached to a rocket. The New Zealand-based developer would like us all to know that the game is officialy out on the App Store, and we may fling Gerald the Bird into the stratosphere for merely $1.99.

Judging from the game’s trailer, Bird Strike has kind of a Hedgehog Launch flavor to it, which I certainly don’t object to. Causing flightless animals to reach escape velocity never really gets old, in my opinion.

I’m also struck that, as a New Zealand developer, the folks at PikPok can be called “Kiwis,” named for a bird which is, itself, flightless. Wouldn’t you want to design a game about a bird flying higher than any other?

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