Big City Life’s Style Section Offers Complete Avatar Customization

Tue, May 4, 2010

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Did you know that in Big City Life, you can customize the look of your avatar? If you’ve played Playdom’s newest title, which can be most easily described as “Mafia Wars, but with fashion instead of violence,” you’ve probably come across the Style section in the game, but if not, here’s what to expect.

You can customize your gameplay avatar by clicking on the Style button in the game’s main menu, running horizontally across the top the of the screen. There, you can purchases complete outfits for Favor Points, the game’s premium currency.

You can then enter into the “Change Outfit” tab and either wear the outfit in its entirety, or, in a fun twist, take the outfit apart and mix and match its pieces with items you already own. Like the Pink Hoop Earrings that come with the 80′s Party Outfit, but want to match it with the shoes from the Graphic Tank outfit? Buy both, strip them apart and combine the two items into a new outfit all your own!

Aside from completing missions, this restyling of your avatar can become a serious time sink, especially for players willing to invest a little real world cash into expanding their closets. Is that someone like you? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to start styling your own avatar for a night out in the Big City!

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