Big City Life FAQ: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Sun, Apr 25, 2010

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If Green Acres isn’t the life for you, now you can out try Big City living on Facebook, courtesy of Playdom. The casual game gurus over at Gamezebo have posted a full walkthrough of Big City Life, and now we’ve brought their top tips and FAQs to Frisky Mongoose.

Hopefully these tips will help you land that big city promotion and be the most charming urban-dweller around. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out more information on Gamezebo, or head to Facebook and find the Big City Life fan page here.

Do you have any tips and tricks for Big City Life that we’ve omitted? Questions left unanswered? Let us know in the comments below!

General Information

  • Manage your Big City Life by exploring your storyline, hanging out with friends, managing your career, and dressing up for run-ins with frenemies.
  • Make your own avatar and wear the newest, hottest fashions out there.
  • Choose a career path and perform tasks to move up in your career and earn points and cash.
  • Invite friends to join you in BCL so you have more friends to do activities with. Cultivate your relationship with friends to unlock more missions and more rewards. Friends will also help you win run-ins (competitions) with other players (replacing the prior sentence).
  • Levelling up increases your skills points, which you can use to increase your charm, smarts, and fitness. You’ll need all three attributes to do certain activities, get promotions at work, and win run-ins with other Big City Life users.
  • Each activity in your story line gives you more money to buy new things for your avatar.
  • Skill points can also be used to increase energy, health, and stamina.
  • You’ll get new locations and more tasks as you reach higher levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions you may have about Big City Life. We’ll be updating this section as more questions arise. If you have questions not listed here, please let us know in the comments.


Question: How do I change my name?

Answer: Once you start the game, you cannot change your name for any reason. If your name was altered because it was deemed inappropriate, you will have to keep this name. We may institute the ability to change names in the future, but this is not a feature at the moment.

Question: How do I reach the next level?

Answer: Your character’s level is determined by the amount of experience points you have. To obtain more experience, socialize and fight other players.

My Friends

Question: How do I add a Facebook friend as a Big City Life friend?

Answer: You cannot add other players unless they are your friend on your regular profile. Once you add them as a Big City Life friend however, you can delete them from the friends list of your social platform and they will remain in Big City Life friend list.

Question: How do I remove someone as a friend?

Answer: If you have to remove someone as a Big City Life Friend, visit the Friends tab and then View My Friends. Click on the “remove” link beneath the picture of the person you would like to remove.

Question: Why aren’t my friends’ friends on my friends list?

Answer: Girls are only added to your Big City Life friends list when you send them an invite and they accept (or they send you an invite and you accept). You do not automatically gain access to all of your friend’s list or socialites when they join your house. Your friends list will only include girls you have added yourself and socialites you have purchased yourself.

Money (In-Game Cash)

Question: How do I make money?

Answer: You can make money by scheduling tasks under the “Career” tab, hanging out with friends or going to events under the “Play” tab, or having encounters.

Question: Can I transfer stuff or money to my friends?

Answer: No, it is not possible to give your friends money or items from your own inventory. This feature would make it too easy for people to cheat. You can, however, send your friends gifts.

Question: How do I add money to my bank?

Answer: At the top of the page, where it lists how much cash you have, click on the “Bank” button. From there, you can deposit and withdraw money. There will be a service charge taken when you deposit money into the bank.


Question: I have really high charm, why are people beating me in encounters?

Answer: The game randomly takes one (1) of the following three characteristics of your profile when battling with other users. In order to beat the odds, you need high levels of smarts, charm, and fitness. Purchasing items will also make sure you’re ready to win those encounters.

Question: Why am I having encounters when I’m not online?

Answer: Your character will always remain active in Big City Life, even when you are not logged in. This means that your scheduled jobs will be ticking away and also be open to attack from other players.

Favor Points

Question: Why am I not getting Favor Points when I level up?

Answer: Not every level up or mastery gains Favor Points.

Buying Stuff

Question: Why can’t I wear some of the stuff I buy?

Answer: There could be a few possibilities. Some of the items, such as loot, aren’t meant to be worn on your avatar or held in your hands. Another reason may be that the item is not suited for your gender. If you designate that you’re a male, you won’t be able to wear female items on your avatar.


Question: How do I send a gift to my Big City Life friends?

Answer: Send daily gifts, such as energy refills and exclusive items, to your friends from the Gifts page under the Friends tab. Sending gifts count towards your daily invite total, and there is a limit on the amount of gifts/invites you can send each day. The gifts do not come out of your stuff or from your banked money. You can also click on the “Free Gifts” link on the very upper right corner of the game (right above the game logo and the “Refresh” button).

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