Big Changes Hit YoVille’s Interface

Mon, Mar 15, 2010

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Seemingly taking a page out of Playfish’s handbook (which recently expanded the gameplay window in Pet Society, and streamlined its controls), Zynga has given the YoVille’ user interface a complete overhaul.

First and foremost, the screen is now wider, eliminating the right hand “live deals” bar, and giving you more room to decorate your pad (as a point of reference, the two potted plants in my living room above were only half visible before the change). A new set of menu buttons has been placed along the bottom left corner of the screen, with the new icons performing the following functions:

  • Trio of Homes – Shows your list of owned homes and lets you easily navigate between them (where applicable)
  • Globe – Displays the world map, which is unchanged
  • Party Hat – Shows current events
  • Chair – Brings up the edit room menu, which now covers up the friends list at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot below)
  • Glasses – Change your avatar’s appearance

Clicking on the word “Home” above your room’s progress bar will allow you to change the name of your home, as well as to lock your room so visitors can’t enter.

The chat bar and buddy list have been changed to two small icons on the bottom right corner of the gameplay screen. Clicking on either expands them, allowing you to keep track of which of your friends are online at the time (and join them in real time), and subsequently chat with them (or any user), once you join them.

The friends list has also seen some changes, with a new button allowing you to view your inventory, and another that allows you to open gifts/check your comments.

Otherwise, the game has seen some overall aesthetic changes in the appearance of pop-up boxes, like those alerting you to lost keys, puppies, found shrubs and so on. Everything is themed with shades of blue, and is overall a much more modern look than the prior configuration, which is downright archaic in comparison.

To celebrate these changes, Zynga is offering all users 2,000 free coins upon their next login to the game (assuming you haven’t receive the bonus already). Make sure to head over to the game page and collect your free coins today.

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