Big Changes Coming to Property System in Mafia Wars: New York

Fri, Feb 5, 2010

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With the growing number of Mafia Wars expansions to keep track of, it’s likely that most established users have long ago completed New York’s many tiers and moved on to other countries. That being the case, Zynga is looking to make some major changes to the way New York is set up, in an effort to renew interest in the original area. These modifications include changes to properties and the reactivation of robbing.

Here’s the rundown of changes, straight from the Mafia Wars blog:

1 ) We’ll have properties switched to Flash mode, so make sure you have the latest version (

2 ) We’ll be getting rid of ‘undeveloped space’. The costs of undeveloped space will be folded into the costs of the updated properties. If you currently have any undeveloped properties, it’ll be sold off and you’ll have your money returned to you.

3 ) Instead of owning 30 Mega Casinos, you will have 1 Mega Casino, but it will have been upgraded 30 times.

4 ) You won’t be able to sell properties anymore, but you can continue to upgrade them. If you still haven’t earned your “Cashing Out” achievement, do it soon!

5 ) All properties will have the same payout over time that they currently do, but some of the rates will change. They will take between 8 hours and 2 days to fill up. For example, say you currently owned 2 mega casinos. They produce $1,800,000 every 3 hours for you to collect. In the new system, you will now own a single level 2 Mega Casino, and it will produce $28,800,000 every 48 hours for you to collect.

6 ) You can only collect on your property once it is done producing. There will be progress bars and countdown timers letting you know how long it will be before you can collect on each property.

7 ) Properties will no longer “shut down”. *Note: This only affects users who have started playing in the last few months.

8 ) People who have Rackets will be folded into the new system as well, but that change will take place a week or two after the launch of the new properties.

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