Best iPhone Games of March

Sun, Apr 18, 2010

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On April 12th, TouchArcade compiled a list of the highest rated iPhone games in the month of March. Ratings are based on perceived value (whether or not you would recommend the game to a friend) rather than conventional methods like graphics, sounds or sales. Games are rated from one to five stars, with one being the worst and five being the best.

1. Tilt To Live (5 Stars) – An object avoidance game utilizing the accelerometer to maneuver through battlefields, filled with personality and a quirky sense of humor. $1.99
2. Bound on 2: Drailo’s Demise (4.5 Stars) – More fleshed out than the original, this much appreciated sequel brings great platforming to the iPhone. $3.99
3. ZombieSmash (4.5 Stars) – Melding castle defense with zombie killing, smash zombies until you can smash no more. $1.99
4. Street Fighter 4 (4.5 Stars) – Bringing the one on one fighting game to the iPhone, allows you to choose from 8 different characters and a wide variety of moves. $9.99
5. Ragdoll Blaster (4.5 Stars) – Shoot your way through puzzles and platforms using ragdoll physics on a backdrop of Steampunk inspired art. $2.99
6. Vector Tanks Extreme (4.5 Stars) – A stylized take on 1980 arcade classic Battlezone, brings retro gaming to the iPhone in style. $1.99

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