Bejeweled Blitz Updates: Free Game Tips, New Daily Spin Feature

Mon, Jul 26, 2010

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It’s not often that we have Bejeweled Blitz news to share with you – even less often do we have not one, but two pieces of news to share concerning PopCap’s first foray into the “Blitz” genre. Today is an exception, however, as both the Facebook version of the game, and the PC download version of the game have been updated.

For the PC Version of the game, you’ll now be able to receive free game tips when you download the game. To be clear, this is just a small series of tips for the game available if you download the free trial (the free trial also comes with 50,000 free coins). If you were to purchase the full version of the game (available for $19.95 on PopCap’s official website), you’ll receive a whopping one million coins, and a full “Guide to Bejeweled Blitz Glory” as free bonuses.

In other news, the Facebook edition of the game has been updated to include a new Daily Spin wheel. This Daily Spin Wheel actually contradicts its own name, as you’ll be able to spin it twice per day – once every 12 hours.

The wheel functions as a slot machine with three wheels – obviously, matching three shapes across will result in you winning various amounts of coins. In the case of the blue gem, however, receiving even one allows you to win a small prize. One blue gem is 1,000 coins, while two blue gems is 2,500. For the other colors, you have to match all three, with the lowest prize in this respect coming in the form of 5,000 coins, all the way up to a whopping 1 million coins if you can luck into receiving all three blue gems.

In addition, you’ll receive 100 bonus coins for all of the friends you have that have installed the app, and you’ll receive an extra bonus of coins dependent on how many days in a row you’ve logged in and played the game. To put this into perspective, in the example below, I won 1,000 coins, but after adding in my 49 friends and my daily activity bonus, I wound up with 6,000 coins – not a bad prize for simply pressing a button.

Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see how many coins you win today.

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  • conor

    well basicly i play bejeweeled and i need loads of coins and i carnt get them the only place i can get them from are the daily spin

  • Verleen1

    My balance never changes even after I spin or collect a friend's coins! The only time I saw a change was when I hit one million! What's up with this???????

  • Hobocannibal

    I'm having difficulty finding the daily spin option, neither on the registered download version or on the facebook page, where is it?

  • Nancyjac

    I haven't been able to access bejeweled blitz through facebook for 3 days. I get a message about an unexpected error has occured.

  • Woodworking Project Plans

    The Facebook edition of the game has been updated to include a new Daily Spin wheel.

  • Frederique Nolden

    Why can I share daily spin and my husband can’t? We play on the same pc.