Beat the Feds Challenge Now Live in Mafia Wars

Sun, Aug 15, 2010

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A new challenge has been added to Zynga’s Mafia Wars in the form of a “Beat the Feds Challenge.” For those that choose to participate (the event is totally voluntary), you’ll be able to fight against four different federal agents to earn some awesome rewards that will help you in your battles later on in the game.

Once you challenge an agent, you’ll start a battle timer, meaning that you have to beat them within that time limit (it’s different for each agent) or start all over. You can go about each battle in one of two ways – either fighting them alone, using the consumable items available to you, or asking your friends to help deal damage to them.

Depending on your level and Attack and Defense stats, these battles can be incredibly easy to complete on your own, or incredibly difficult. If you choose to take on a boss on your own, you’ll be able to attack them for 2 stamina each time you attack. At any time, you can use a consumable item to aid yourself in the battle, including items that heal you for 10% of your maximum health, deal an additional 30% of damage on your next attack, deal extra damage to the boss and his henchmen, or stun the boss for the next two rounds, preventing them from attacking.

If you choose to ask your friends for help, you can simply post a news item to your wall asking for aid, and then sit back and watch as your active mafia members take the fed down for you. For the top five friends that deal damage to your bosses, they’ll also receive a special reward when you win.

When you beat each boss for the first time, you’ll receive a special reward, in the form of some very powerful weapons (you can also post a news item to your wall celebrating their demise). For defeating the first boss, you’ll receive the Silk Thunder rifle, which comes with 84 attack and 59 defense stats. The second boss drops the Combat Chopper, worth 90 attack and 72 defense points, while the third boss drops a Ballistic Vest, containing 72 attack and 103 defense points. Finally, the fourth boss rewards you with a Bald Eagle, worth 115 attack and 109 defense stats.

Each boss can be beaten an additional two times – the first battle earns you Bronze Mastery, while the second and third earn Silver and Gold, respectively. If you can manage to master all four agents to Gold Mastery, you’ll earn the Rain Maker item, which adds an additional 5% to all of the funds you earn in Vegas fights.

What makes this event so challenging is the fact that it will only be available for a limited time. As of this writing, you have a little more than 8 days left to master the entire event and earn your Rain Maker item, so be sure to head over to the game’s page while you can to start the challenge.

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  • Mikem

    Sometimes the Fed fights show up on my homepage and other times they dont. It should be there for 8 more days. Do you know of a direct link to fight them?

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  • Abdullah Mattar

    it is sooooo hard once you get to the last level 3 .. the firs one had a health of 24k , and you lose 8 stamina every time you hit him. and even with friends help, I am no where near finishing him.

    that's just the first one level 3. I think the last one will have health of 100k at least

  • Abdullah Mattar

    it is always there on my homepage. Every one has an independent button ( no links ) and only one is available at the time.
    try contacting support.

  • Ankit Berlia

    i cant fight d feds at lvl 2……..
    i dont knw wht hapnd but its stuck at lvl 1…..

  • Yohon-gray

    I beat the bronze lvl guys but the game wont let me go on to the next set of feds. do any of you know why this is happing?

  • Abdullah Mattar

    did you defeat all of them ?? you must defeat all the fids lvl 1 so you can move to lvl 2

  • Abdullah Mattar

    you must fiinish all the four of them to be able to fight any of them for lvl 2

  • Brandy Shaul

    I would suggest refreshing the page or logging out and logging back in. There have been issues with this feature, including it not tracking a user's progress at all, but this appears to be one of the only glitches that remain. Good luck!!

  • Brandy Shaul

    That's probably true. I'm still struggling to get through level 2 as well. While disappointing, it's not really surprising as most every challenge mission in the game (including things like London, in my humble opinion) have been made nigh impossible to complete. Good luck to us both.

  • Guest

    im all by myself beating them and theres some challengers with 50+ friends taking advantage of just 1 person