Beach House, Palm Trees, Waterpark – Social City Summer Updates!

Thu, Aug 12, 2010

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As we count down the final days of summer, and the hurriedly approach to the beginning of the school year, we see Playdom letting summer go with a bang, by bringing back some old water, beach, and otherwise Summer themed items, in addition to adding new items to the game, for those who already have such a theme established in their town.

For the new items, there is a single new limited edition structure available in the game’s newspaper, in the form of a Beach House. The Beach House is available to purchase for just 16 City Bucks, and, as a residential item, will add 1,200 citizens to your town every 2 days. You’ll earn 140 experience points for purchasing the home. As you can see below, the item is incredibly limited, with less than 250 units remaining available – if you want one, grab it fast or you may lose your chance forever.

Meanwhile, the game’s free gifts menu has been updated to include both previously released Palm Path items, and new items in the series, in addition to some general summer or beach themed items (including the Tiki Bar and the Water square).

Palm Path 10-13 are now available to send, along with the instant, one-time-use Happiness Point boost Beach Party item.

Finally, via the game’s Spin Wheel, you can now earn the 9 different pieces to construct your very own waterpark in the game. Eight of these items are given out at random, with you receiving a single item each time you spin the wheel. A spin costs 8 City Bucks.

They items are various pools, portions to a lazy river and so on, but if you can manage to luck into owning all 8 of these, you’ll receive the final item, which contains an assortment of three multi-colored water slides, appropriately emptying into a large pool at the bottom of the structure, which conveniently contains an exit, if you want to connect it to the other 8 pieces via their waterways.

It’s likely that this spin wheel will only be available for a limited time, so head over to the game’s page to see if you can collect all 8 building pieces to receive the final prize.

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    Beach House, Palm Trees, Waterpark – Social City Summer Updates!