Be President of Your Own Hospital in Medical Mayhem

Sun, Apr 18, 2010

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Medical Mayhem, a Facebook game by Vojo World, is at first glance fairly standard fare; you are given your own hospital to manage and improve by earning money and points, called reputation. Your hospital has a reception area, diagnostic room, nurse ward, pharmacy, OR and ER, as well as a research station that you can purchase technical upgrades through. You can upgrade each section of your hospital separately, decreasing processing times and increasing revenue. Rounds of patients arrive at your hospital, and you’ll have to log in to the game to get the next round to appear, but other than the game will pretty much do all the work for you. However, what really sets Medical Mayhem apart is its inclusion of mini-games, and its social aspect.

Intermittently, little exclamation icons will appear next to a room in your hospital. Click on these, because this means that a mini-game is now available. Successfully winning mini-games nets you a cash bonus. The games make use of Medical Mayhem’s twisted sense of humor; the first game is found in the Restroom, and has you using your mouse to aim an old man’s urine stream into a moving urinal. The second game takes place in the Pharmacy. It’s a match-three puzzle game, using pills instead of gems, and is simple and fun enough to make you wish it was available more often. The OR game is a pipe game, reminiscent of the mini-games in the first Bioschock, challenging the player to connect point A to point B with the tiles given.

Going a different route than popular social games like Farmville, where visiting your friends’ farms allows you to help them, Medical Mayhem offers you a suit of tools to sabotage, steal, and desecrate your friends’ hospitals.

  • Hire some spies to steal your friends’ secrets. Deploy a spy, and he’ll loiter around the target hospital for up to 12 hours, earning you money until he returns home. Beware; the spy is visible to your friend, and if he is caught and throw out, you won’t earn any money from his espionage.
  • Send your hot nurse to someone’s hospital, and she’ll use her sizzling good looks to seduce some of your friend’s patients over to your hospital. This ability is best used between rounds of patients, when your staff is experiencing some downtime.
  • Hire out your experts to other hospitals. Their knowledge will gain you both reputation and money.

As you progress, you can unlock more diabolical actions which allow you to strew garbage throughout a neighbor’s hospital, sic wild dogs on a friend, or block the entrance to a friend’s hospital effectively keeping them from getting any patients.

Word on the street is that a new mini-game will be released in Medical Mayhem next week. You can start playing and become president of your own hospital here.

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