Be A Fast Plumber With PipeRush for iPhone: A Frisky Hands-On

Sun, Sep 26, 2010

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If you’ve never been in a frantic panic to run pipes to the citizens of your town, you’ve now got your chance with PipeRush for the iPhone. As Pippa, it’s your job to bring much needed water to the thirsty residens of your town. Thanks to the folks at Chillingo and ClickGamer, we were able to take a look at the game and share our experience with you.

Pippa has been assigned with the task of running pipes throughout a small town in order to provide water to the citizens who happen to be very thirsty. In order to build this pipe system, you have to take the pieces that pop out of a machine and on to the conveyor belt. You may not use every piece that comes out, but you’ll either need to dispose of or use them quickly or the machine will likely explode before long.

As you’re playing, you’ll earn power-ups by placing sparkly items onto the board. These items, when placed, contain either much-needed dynamite that gives you the option to backtack on a placed piece or a special box that gives you just the right item needed when placed over an empty pipe slot. Both of these power-ups help out greatly in the later levels when things can get rather hectic quickly.

On the later levels, UFO’s will come by frequently and steal pieces of your structure as well as bombs that will destroy random pieces of your pipes as well. These obstacles happen more often the longer you stall and the longer it takes you to finish the levels.

Once you’ve manage to connect every pipe, as well as plug all available holes, you’ll be awarded a score and subsequent star rating for each level. The score appears to be based on how well you used the pipes you were given, as well as how long it took you to complete.

Overall, PipeRush appears to be a good fit for those looking for a good challenge, and loves pipe building games like Pipe Mania and the like. If you’re interested be sure to download Pipe Rush from the App Store now for just 99¢.

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  • Sergey Kopov

    Good review, tnx


    Looks addictive and dangerous! Although so are most iPhone games these days!