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Fri, Aug 6, 2010

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Zynga’s FishVille has updated quite a bit since we last spoke, with the developer adding not only a new set of Bayou themed items, but also launching a new section in the Fish & Treasures tab of the Discovery Log.

New Bayou Items Now Available

If you’ve been keeping track of the Bayou theme of items in the game, you’ll be happy to know that even more items have been added to this already large theme. Some of the new items are the jar of Preserved Eyes for 43,750 coins, an Old Trombone for 89,350 coins, and even a Corncob Pipe for 12,500 coins.

Other items in this theme play up the concept of Voodoo, with items like the Chickenbone Jar and Voodoo Jar of Teeth being available for 56,250 and 31,250 coins, respectively.

This theme now contains four pages of items, which is large by any game’s standards, but especially FishVille’s. With so many items, you’re sure to be able to create your very own Bayou environment from top to bottom in the game. Have you purchased any of these items yet?

Collect New Fish in the Discovery Log

Towards the beginning of July, Zynga launched the Discovery Log in FishVille. The log lets users track their status in the game, not only by looking at the awards they’ve won (or have yet to win), but also by collecting fish and treasures as entries in the book (think an encyclopedia of sorts).

At first, the Fish and Treasures section contained four different entries under “Fish” – Classic Fish, Anthias, Shrimp Gobies and Mastery Fish. While those four categories are still available, a new fish family, if you will, has been added. The Pajama Cardinals family consists of five different fish, all of which are available in Mystery Eggs via the game’s free gifts page. In addition, they are available to purchase instantly for Sand Dollars. The fish are as follows:

  • Cardinal – 2 Sand Dollars
  • Murphy Cardinal – 5 Sand Dollars
  • Spotted Cardinal – 8 Sand Dollars
  • Orbiculate Cardinal – 15 Sand Dollars
  • Polkadot Cardinal – 20 Sand Dollars

Whether or not you choose to skip the waiting game of receiving these fish randomly from Mystery Eggs will be up to you, but for now, head over to the game’s page to browse through the game’s newest items.

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