Battle Defenders Launches, Brings Both Battling and Defending to Facebook

Wed, Jan 13, 2010

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Let’s face it: As nice as it is to hear news and see photos from your contemporaries, the primary purpose of your Facebook friends list is to deduce who you could beat in a fight. Triplepoint client Dango Inc is calling you out, launching Battle Defenders today on the popular social network as a free-to-play application. The game is still technically in beta, but defending battlers everywhere can play right now, and crush strangers and their closest friends alike beneath a storm of human-vs-orc violence.

Battle Defenders definitely has a tower defense game at its heart, but a number of unique wrinkles provide an interesting and unique flavor, including resource wagering, attrition, persistent leveling, and tower offense. After selecting a friend to challenge, a player must choose how many coins they want to take into the fight with them. Obviously, the more coins you have on hand, the more units you can afford, but apart from a few in-game bonuses, spent coins are gone for good. Using up 200 coins to earn a 100 coin victory bonus can leave you with a negative prize, in other words.

Furthermore, those coins not only allow you to purchase defensive units during your opponent’s charge, but will also buy offensive chargers when it’s the enemy’s turn to defend its own base. Top it all off with a fun little aesthetic, as seen below in the trailer, and you’ve got a welcome addition to the Facebook lineup.

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