Battle Defenders is Facebook’s Tower Defense Outlet

Thu, Feb 11, 2010

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Looking to get a tower defense fix without ever leaving the warmth and comfort of the all-too-familiar Facebook? Look no further than Battle Defenders.

Battle Defenders was created by Japanese developer Dango, and is a fairly straight-forward take on the tower defense genre. Enemies move from point to point on the battlefield and are automatically attacked by surrounding defensive outposts.

Different defensive items have different ranges (meaning that the distance over which they can attack varies), as well as different amounts of health and damage stats, so choosing where to place each item is a real part of the strategy within the game.

In the case of Battle Defenders, you’ll be tasked with placing a line of human defenses on the battlefield that will attack an onslaught of orcs, driving them back from whence they came, or dying in the process. Conversely, when playing on the offensive, you can command your units to march in a line towards the enemy.

Bringing in Facebook’s social element is the fact that each battle isn’t solely against a computer – it’s a challenge amongst other users who play the game, with the winner of the challenge taking some of the funds from the loser.

Funds play an incredibly important role in the game, as you have to purchase units to begin with, with more advanced, stronger units obviously costing more than a standard defenseman or offensive unit.  Add in a system of experience points, and you have an RPG-like twist to the game that blocks off certain maps until you are both strong enough and rich enough to play on them.

According to Inside Social Games, Battle Defenders is currently played by around 72,000 Facebook users monthly, meaning that you should be able to find someone to play with, if you wish to give the game a try.

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