Babel Rising Rises to #1 in France App Store

Thu, Jan 14, 2010

Casual, iPhone

White Birds Productions and Bulkypix would like to remind us that, in France, arrogance and blasphemy are still met with some classic old-testament fury. Babel Rising is now the top paid iPhone app in the French App Store, giving players a taste of divine wrath as they work to prevent the Tower of Babel’s construction with lighting, wind, and floods.

I’m not seeing an in-game option to jumble the humans’ languages, but I suppose that’s not as viscerally satisfying. Bulkypix does, however, promise that new updates are coming soon to Babel Rising, including new divine powers, new “campaign” and “Armageddon” modes, and in-game purchases.

You may punish the wicked by checking out Babel Rising right here. BABEL Rising

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