Atari Releases New Free Clown-Hurting Simulator

Thu, May 17, 2012

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Man! TriplePoint client Atari just keeps the re-imagined classics coming. Between Asteroids, Breakout, and the ongoing contest for Pong, it’s like a regular Atari circus on mobile devices. Well, maybe that’s unfair. I don’t really mean there’s an Atari circus; it’s not like there’s clowns or a big top or anything. So let’s see what the latest news is from Atari: Oh, they’ve launched a new game based on the classic Circus game, and it’s called Circus Atari. Okay then!

From the press release:

In this new free-to-play puzzle platformer, players perform as a circus clown blasting out of cannons and flying through the air in a vertical climb to record heights. Based on the Atari 2600 classic, Circus Atari makes its mobile debut on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

In the ascent to the top of the arena, players will tilt their mobile device to guide their clown, popping balloons to launch higher while gathering power-ups and coins along the way and avoiding the many hazards and obstacles of the arena. Players can enhance their circus experience with coins, collected or purchased in-game so that players can  pick up new clown characters as well as safety nets to help with performers’ high-flying antics.

So there’s that. It’s free, it’s got clowns, and you shoot them out of cannons, which is really the best clown-based interaction anyone has come up with. It requires the least therapy.

Go get it!

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