Astro Ape Studios Announces Office Heroes for iPhone

Fri, Jul 9, 2010

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Triplepoint client Astro Ape Studios has announced their latest title Office Heroes for the iPhone. Office Heroes will be a social game focused on the trials of climbing the office corporate ladder but with a lot more fun than simply pushing paper or fighting with the copy machine. The game will be a time and resource management game in which you control a office worker that you can customize with several different options such as appearance and wardrobe. Outside of the character, the office may be customized as well with different decorations and expansions.

In the game, it’s up to you to complete several everyday work tasks such as updating resumes, watching movies, shopping online, making copies, blogging, tweeting, playing solitaire, gossiping and other activities. Completing these tasks will earn points that you can use to customize the office to your liking.

“Office Heroes turns normally mundane tasks like fighting spam and sending faxes into a fun and rewarding game,” said William Fong, co-founder of Astro Ape Studios. “Unlike your stagnating real-world career, in Office Heroes you’ll be lounging in your posh corner office in no time – just in time for the new season of Mad Men.”

Set to debut later this month, Office Heroes looks like it could be lots of fun (as long as your boss doesn’t catch you playing it at work). The debut trailer is below:

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