ASS on Fire!

Thu, Feb 9, 2012

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Frima Studio, a TriplePoint client, has released their fan-favorite two-dollar space shooter, A Space Shooter for Two Bucks, onto the Kindle Fire tablet. This is significantly less hilarious news than our headline would suggest, but it’s still pretty awesome. As Commander Jefferson himself would no doubt say, “eReaders? Huh? What? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over how awesome I am at murdering these goddamned aliens.”


With high-resolution, polished graphics, fast-paced action and comical banter, A Space Shooter for Two Bucks is an addictive, modern take on a classic genre. Kindle users will have the honor of piloting the USS Eradicator to total galactic domination, wiping out aliens with a huge array of ship upgrades and special weapons. A Space Shooter intends to make its way to every platform on the planet, and is proud to have conquered the Kindle Fire in another step towards complete galactic domination.

Re-kindle your love of extraterrestrial extermination by downloading ASS right here.

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