Armor Games: What’s Your Price for Flight? (99 cents)

Thu, Aug 2, 2012

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Ah, Armor Games… whenever they’re not defending stuff or collecting stuff, they’re throwing stuff. Such is the case with the simply and aptly named Flight, the latest mobile release from TriplePoint client Armor Games. Based on the immensely popular flash game, Flight is the simple tale of a paper airplane, flung into the great big world with the simple goal of never landing. Flight will set you back merely 99 cents, and that’s not even including any kind of Expedia discounts.

From the press release:

With over 55 million plays, Flight is a Flash game created by Armor Games in which players throw paper planes as far as they can while collecting points to upgrade and decorate their aviation machine. The new iOS version is almost like a sequel: beautiful Retina display graphics, more upgrades and power-ups and a brand new ending to the original story.

Watch your plane race the wind, chase rainbows and fly among the stars. Let your imagination soar, as you embark on a breezy adventure around the world! Use your fingers to ‘fling’ the plane to throw it into the air and then tilt your device to control the direction of the plane. You can even tap the screen to give your plane a boost and send it even further.

Also, because it’s on iOS, you can put on “Sister Christian” in the background on endless loop. You’re welcome.

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