Armor Games Needs You to Defend More Stuff with Towers

Fri, May 3, 2013

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If there’s anyone who knows which lands need the most towers for defensive purposes, it’s TriplePoint client Armor Games. This week, they shared announcements and previews about two of our favorite TD series — namely, Kingdom Rush from Ironhide Game Studio, and Cursed Treasure from IriySoft. One’s got a sequel on the way, and the other’s got new content coming to the sequel they just released. Needless to say, both franchises are going to need some towers put up, pronto.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the forthcoming sequel to the award-winning Kingdom Rush, is going to introduce new heroes to the mix, and Ironhide released a quick movie to introduce one of them:

As for Cursed Treasure 2, which is already out and already ridiculous fun, we’re getting some new levels. Some time this month, we ought to see the Barbarian Queen level pack, promising three new maps and — just a guess here — a Barbarian Queen. I intend to set her on fire. Unless she’s on my side, in which case… well, no, still on fire. I don’t trust my gems to anyone; not even allies.

Time to get defending!

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