Arkadium & NY Jets Launch Ultimate Fan on Facebook – A Frisky Hands-On

Wed, Sep 8, 2010

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With the minds of sports fans now placed squarely in the football column, it was only appropriate to see more Facebook apps released with a pigskin theme. The newest app comes from Arkadium, the makers of the hugely popular Mahjongg Dimensions, who, in association with the New York Jets, have launched Ultimate Fan on Facebook.

Ultimate Fan isn’t so much a football “game,” in the most strict sense of the word, as it is an application that will allow you to test your knowledge of various teams and boost fan support for your team of choice. The first step is to choose your alliance to one particular team, with all of the major teams being represented. For the sake of argument, I chose the Indianapolis Colts.

From there, you can give your team a boost in terms of fan support. This is a timed activity that can only be undertaken every few hours. It sees your team placed against the team that they will next be up against, and it shows you a metered view of which team has the most support.

From there, there are a few other activities to take part in, many of which reward you with Fan Tickets, which we’ll talk about later. These activities include predicting the scores of upcoming games, and even predicting in-depth stats, right down to how many field goals will be blocked or the number or rushing yards. If your predictions are correct, you’ll earn Fan Tickets, which serve as a sort of currency in the game.

Fan Tickets, along with Facebook Credits, allow you to make more bets in terms of predictions concerning upcoming games, and also allow you to decorate your Tailgate, a “home space” of sorts that can be customized with grills, food, tables, and other tailgating necessities. In terms of social elements, you can visit your friends’ tailgates, and then rate them. This is the only social feature currently, but others are apparently launching in the future – like those that will allow you to mess with the tailgates of rival fans.

As we said before, Ultimate Fan isn’t so much a game as it is an add-on for the activities one might take part in on their own in a normal Football season. If you like predicting the outcomes of games and want to jump into the activity with your Facebook friends, be sure to try Ultimate Fan. Before you go though, make sure to check out our Frisky Hands-On video of the app below to see what to expect if you choose to install it.

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