April Will Be Especially Hellish

Tue, Apr 3, 2012

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The month of April can be a hell of a time. Going broke on tax day, getting yelled at for driving on Earth Day… uh, whatever is involved in Arbor Day… but it’s nothing compared to the total hell going on in hell, according to TriplePoint client Redbana. They’ve got a slew of ongoing events in Hellgate Global for this month, and they’d like you to join in and play them. After all, hell is other people.

From the press release:

All this month, crusaders must prepare to face the apocalyptic onslaught of events that T3Fun has planned for Hellgate Global fans. T3Fun has today announced Hellgate’s plans for April, which also includes the return of several popular events that previously saw very high participation from players. High stakes rewards are on the table this month for players with the skills to defend their bases and those with a keen sense for solving codes. Fearless hunters willing to set foot in the most treacherous of areas to collect certain items each day will also find themselves handsomely rewarded for their courage and hard work.

You can read the full event list over this way.

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