Appy Entertainment Releases Tune Runner on the iPhone

Tue, Feb 16, 2010

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Appy Entertainment, creator of FaceFighter and Zombie Pizza, has made its first foray into the rhythm game genre on the iPhone with the release of Tune Runner.

For those familiar with games like Audiosurf, which generate gameplay based on the musical content found on your computer’s hard drive, Tune Runner on the iPhone should seem fairly familiar.

Each of the game’s levels is generated based on one of the tracks in your iPhone’s library, or you can play the single song that comes with the game by default – Angels & Airwaves’ Hallucinations. Gameplay follows an animated boombox on its journey through obstacle courses filled with numbers, letters, and basic shapes.

By using your finger to draw the next shape in our hero’s path, you allow him to continue and start a combo. Take too long to draw an item or simply draw the wrong thing and you lose a bit of health.

While the game is (and according to Finger Gaming, always will be) free-to-play, the game maxes out your initial plays at ten songs, and requires you to either purchase the ability to play more tracks, or complete an “advertisement filled mini-game” to unlock more while retaining the game’s free quality.

If you wish to skip the mini-game you can unlock additional plays at a rate of 40 for 99 cents, 100 for $1.99, or unlimited plays (plus no ads) for $2.99.

If you’d like to give the game a shot, head over to Tune Runner

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