Apptiv Targets the Gamification of Exercise

Thu, Aug 23, 2012


“If you can ‘gamify’ fitness, you should be able to ‘fit-ify’ games,” said Apptiv Games CEO Stephen Dick. His company will begin to focus on a series of new games that track a user’s fitness activity and gamify the whole exercise experience.

Described as a “Pedometer Powered Social Game,” the first game, Apptivater will be released sometime this fall. According to a countdown featured on, their target release date is November 4.

“Exercise is meaningful but boring. Mobile social games are fun but meaningless. Fitness trackers are too complicated. Users care more about Experience and Entertainment than they do about Metrics and Data,” points out the website. “Let’s combine all three, tap into two of the biggest markets in the U.S. in a totally new way, and solve the problem once and for all!”

Adding things like achievements to normal exercise routines seems like a good recipe for mobile app success. Every day on Facebook I see a few people who make me look like a lazy slob when I see their statuses update with the Nike+ Running app for iOS. But that’s a no-frills, distance-measuring app. Apptiv wants to gamify the whole experience by adding badges, achievements, and other game elements to fitness activities.

And they want to take it one step further. Apptiv is apparently in talks to partner up with Kiip, the mobile rewards network that enables brands and companies to provide consumers with tangible rewards. Now that just might get me out of my office chair and onto the track. You’re telling me I can go for a run and then find a coupon for Best Buy waiting for me in my email? Sign me up!

We’ll be keeping an eye on this unique mobile initiative as Apptivater’s fall release date approaches. What about you? Would you pump some iron if it meant tangible rewards? Or do you want to end up like the humans in WALL-E?

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