Apple’s iPhone 4 Faces Class Action Lawsuit

Fri, Jul 2, 2010

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A week has passed since the iPhone 4 was released, and it already faces a class action lawsuit. Many who have purchased the newly released iPhone accuse Apple of selling despite knowledge of a faulty antenna.

Customers are filing complaints concerning poor reception when the iPhone is gripped in a certain way. According to a leaked internal memo, Apple representatives are being coached to refuse warranty service for customers complaining about this problem. Many worry that the problem lies in the physical design of the iPhone (rather than the program, in which case can be solved with a software update). Steve Jobs addressed the issue, saying, “Just don’t hold it that way” (which doesn’t really resolve anything for unhappy customers).

Apple claims that loss of reception is a common problem for phones held in that manner and that buying a rubber case will settle the issue.

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