Apple: iPad Suffering Supply Constraints

Sat, Apr 10, 2010

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Apparently the iPad is shaping up to be a smashing success for Apple, as the company cannot seem to keep supply up with demand.

“We’re making [iPads] as fast as we can. Evidently we can’t make enough of them yet so we are going to have to try harder,” Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said, adding that many retailers are selling out of the fancy device.

Currently, Apple has sold 450,000 iPads since its April 3rd launch.

And those aren’t the only milestones for the device: According to an AFP report, 3.5 million applications have been already downloaded onto iPads, while Reuters claimed that 830 games have been developed for the platform, and the device is receiving some high praise from developers.

“When you play games on the large format, multi-touch fields using two hands it’s much more Minority Report than even the iPhone is. I think people are going to be blown away by iPad when they actually have the opportunity to interact with it,” said Neil Young, CEO of ngmoco.

It doesn’t look like the iPad sales constraints will be lifting anytime soon either–analysts are projecting that Apple will ship 8 to 10 million iPads worldwide by year’s end.

Can Apple do no wrong?

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    It will definitely be a treat to see just how the iPad evolves through its different applications and eventual updates, lovefords.