Annihilate Trash With One Click in Happy Island

Fri, May 28, 2010

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CrowdStar has released a new limited edition functional item to the tropical paradise of Happy Island. The item comes in the form of a Trash Master 3000, and as the title suggest, deals with one of the game’s easiest ways to make some extra cash, and earn a few experience points in the process – picking up trash.

With this item, you’ll be able to click once and have up to three day’s worth of trash automatically removed from your island. Worry not – you’ll still receive all of the coins and experience points you normally would, had you picked up each piece individually – you’ll just receive them in bulk, therefore saving you tons of time.

The Trash Master 3000 is available to purchase for 99 Facebook Credits, or just under $10 – once you purchase it, it’s yours forever. As a limited edition item, there are around 11,000 of them available to go around, and it’s likely that once they sell out, they’ll be gone forever.

Do you want one for your own island? Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to purchase one.

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