Angkor Wat Marvel & Themed Gifts Available in City of Wonder

Thu, Sep 2, 2010

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When City of Wonder launched on Facebook last month, we brought you a detailed hands-on of what to expect in Playdom’s newest game. Now that we’ve had a chance to get acquainted with the game, Playdom has started adding new content to the ancient city-builder, with this latest release seeing the release of a new Wonder, like the Stonehenge or Great Wall, and the release of some new themed free gifts.

Construct Angkor Wat With the Help of Friends

For those City of Wonder players who have amassed 15 neighbors or more who play the game, you can now purchase Angkor Wat, a new Marvel that will add a whopping 300 culture and 1500 Happiness Points to your town. Remember, Happiness Points are just as vital in City of Wonder as they are in Playdom’s modern city-builder, Social City, in that they allow you to add new citizens to your town.

Here, Angkor Wat can be built for free, that is, if you have 15 friends available to help you construct it, and only after you have researched Mysticism. You can place the base in your city and then post a call for help on your wall in the form of a news item that friends can click on to give you a step of progress in the construction.

If you don’t have 15 friends to help you build Angkor Wat, or you just don’t want to wait, you can buy the structure, fully constructed, for 35 Gold pieces. It’s an expensive price to pay, but the ancient Hindu temple also comes with a bit of a longevity bonus, in that is instantly adds a +3% bonus for culture and happiness everytime you clean or collect from your other leisure or cultural buildings.

Angkor Wat Themed Gifts Being Handed Out in Waves

In addition to Angkor Wat proper, you can now add some themed buildings in the same vicinity to create a whole Hindu themed area. However, these themed items will be released in stages, so you’ll need to repeatedly come back to the game to make sure you get them all.

The first item available is the Angkor Hut, and it is a free gift item now available to send as one of the eight items on the game’s free gifts menu. Once you receive an Angkor Hut, you can build the structure to earn 40 experience points. It takes 10 minutes to build.

Be sure to head over to the game’s page to send these Angkor Huts to your friends, and to keep an eye out for new items to be released in this theme. If history has taught us anything, Playdom won’t keep them around forever, and you don’t want to miss out!

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  • Gill Clark

    city of wonders is the best game i have ever played please bring more out with the same idea of building ect

  • Gill Clark

    city of wonders is the best game i have ever played please bring more out with the same idea of building ect

  • Rensia Webbstock

    please i need neighbours