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Mon, Apr 5, 2010

Android, Mobile

Do you enjoy some Mafia Wars on Facebook? I may have found the free app for you then. World War takes that all familiar formula of Mafia Wars and making it mobile so you can take the war with you anywhere. In the game, you command an army set out for complete world domination by taking on missions and taking out other real world players.

Along with taking on missions, you can build alliances by giving out your alliance code (mine is JBPJ9F) and having them fight alongside with you to gain an advantage on your enemies. When you win battles, you earn money which can be put into improving your arsenal with new technologies, buildings and troops.

When you take out someone in Battle, which requires Ammo to fight in, you can leave them a comment taunting and daring them to attack back. Every time you login you are taken to the Home screen that is designed to show you who has recently attacked you and giving a chance to retaliate.

The part that really stands out and makes World War a stellar app is how versatile it is. I can sit down and spend a few minutes doing a few quick missions and such or I could spend an hour building my army making sure it is fit for Battle. It also helps that it is portable, meaning I can take it anywhere there’s a 3G connection.

World War is currently available on the Android Market. Until tomorrow, happy droiding!

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